UAN login – UAN member login UAN member portal

UAN login – UAN member login UAN member portal:

This article will provide you the wide knowledge about the EPFO unified portal for an employer. You will also get information about what is UAN employer portal? What are the latest modifications in this portal? What are the eligibility criteria for employer’s registration to this portal? What are the required documents? How can employer login and register to UAN employer portal? How can an employer register DSC? What are the services provided by this portal?

What is EPFO unified portal for an employer?

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization known as EPFO, is a statutory body which is formed by the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. EPFO login is administrated and regulated by tri-partite Board known as the Center Board Of Trustees, Employees’ Provident Fund, consisting of Central as well as State Government employer and employees representatives.

Today’s work culture is totally employees’ welfare oriented. Employers now take immediately required actions to ensure best care and benefits of their employees’. The employees’ provident fund is an idea intended to offer social security benefits to employees of a particular establishment /firm/company. This also helps to build the strong employee-employer relationship.

UAN login – UAN member login UAN member portal

EPFO is online portal service rapidly keeps on updating and repairing its operations to provide all the services in the simplest, easiest and earliest manner to its members. EPFO has made the entire task related to employees’ provident fund easy for employees as well as for employer to too.

Employers /organization or establishment are doing their entire job related to its employees EPF Balance at EPFO employer portal. Now the employer does not require sending the hard copies of the documents or papers to EPFO.  Recently EPFO has overhauled the Employers’ portal. This portal is made more or less around the UAN, and therefore it is also referred as UAN employer portal. This is known as EPFO unified portal for the employer.

What is UAN?

Universal Account number (UAN) is a 12 digit unique number allotted to each and every EPF member by EPFO. UAN, which is assigned once to an EPF member, does not change with the change of the employment. The EPFO provides its all services related to EPF by this UAN. Through the UAN, EPF transfer, as well as EPF withdrawal, has become very easy and simple.

What is EPFO Unified Portal for employers?

The UAN employer portal is single stop EPF platform for the employees, and it is the single interface between the EPFO and employer. An employer can do entire EPF related tasks such as registration of employee, a contribution of EPF, etc. through UAN member portal. The EPFO has unified the entire task related to employer’s function. That is why this portal is named as the “EPFO Unified Portal for employers.”

EPFO Unified Portal for employers is modified recently let’s check out these modifications at a glance.

UAN login – UAN member login:

Latest modifications in UAN employer portal:

  • This portal is modified with UAN Based simplified Electronic Challan cum Return filing system, hence no need to enter EPF member ID.
  • The allotted UAN will fetch the personal details of EPF member, so employer needs not to fill name and personal details of the employee.
  • Before filing an ECR, the employer is supposed to link the new PF account with the new or existing UAN of an employee.
  • In a case where the same KYC document is linked to another UAN, the new UAN would not be allotted to the member. The employer has to enroll a new employee using the existing UAN.
  • The employer can enjoy the net banking facilities to make online payments through any of the banks. The new UAN employer portal provides multi-banking payment system.
  • The new unified employer portal allows allotting UAN straight way to an employee. The employer doesn’t need to deposit any contribution for allotting UAN as ECR is not mandatory for UAN now.

Eligibility for an employer for registration at UAN employer portal:

  • Any company/organization/firm is mandated to register which has 20 or more employees’ including both the contractual and the permanent.
  • Small firms with less than 20 employees’ including both the contractual and the permanent can voluntarily register themselves.
  • Any new organizations or Companies that reach the strength of 20 members are required to register themselves at UAN employer portal within one month from the day of reaching this strength,  along with penalties in case of delays in registration.
  • In a case of Co-operative societies, the minimum strength is 50 employees to register at UAN employer portal.
  • Any organizations once registered are to be continued under the purview of the rules and regulations of the Act even if their number of an employee falls below the minimum required number.

UAN member login List of required documents:

Employers are required to provide certain documents as proof to register successfully. Lists of these documents are mentioned below.

  • If a company is a registered partnership firm than the copy of partnership deed has to be produced.
  • In a case of Public or Private Limited Company a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation which is issued by the Registrar of Companies.
  • Societies are required to endow a copy of their registration certificate.
  • A copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association needed to be submitted in case of Public and Private Limited Companies.
  • A copy of the rules and objects of the society has to be submitted by the society.
  • Any other legal documents which are required mandatory as per Income Tax Act.
  • PAN details of the company are also mandatory.
  • Partition deed has to be furnished.
  • Proof of incorporation – first sales invoice/ license which is issued by competent authorities has to be provided by the employer.
  • The employer has to provide salary details of employees.
  • Balance sheet details also required at the time of registration.

How can an employer register at UAN employer portal:

To enjoy the online services by UAN employer portal employer has to register at this portal. The steps to be followed by the employer to register are mentioned below.

  1. Go to the official EPFO Website through,
  2. Select the option “For Employers” from “Our Services.”
  3. Now select the 4th item i.e. “Online Registration of Establishment ( OLRE Portal).
  4. The home page of Employer Registration will be displayed.
  5. A new user is supposed to select the “Register option” to register. Existing registered Employers can log in with their credentials directly to the portal.
  6. Once the Register Button is selected, the new Screen will open.
  7. The employer needs to fill the Details as required in the registration form. The Items which are marked red star are mandatory. These details are explained as follows.
  • Personal info: This is the mandatory field to fill. Fill the first, middle and the last name. The name must be written in the same manner as furnished to Income Tax Department without any variance. The minor variation of even an extra space may cause in rejection as the data is going to be verified online. An employer can verify the name as per the records of Income tax department through the following link.
  • PAN details of The Employer:   Enter your PAN details. Once the details are provided a message indicating “Employer PAN Available” will be displayed this means the Employer is not previously registered in this portal. PAN information will be verified later with the name. On successful verification, online application will be permitted
  • Select Username: Employer can select the username of its choice. On entering the username system will verify whether the username you entered is available or not. An employer may drag the mouse pointer on Question Mark Sign next to the text box, to find out the format or validations.
  • Security Question: Employer can choose any question to hint of its choice and enter hint answer. This is going to help you in case you forget your login password. This is the last field of filling of Employer registration form.
  1.    Now Enter the CAPTCHA and Click the “GET PIN” option.
  2.    The new screen will be displayed stating you have completed your registration     successfully.

Now you can login with your username and password to OLRE portal. The employer will be asked to register the digital signature. To submit a fresh OLRE application Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a pre-requisite.

How can employer register Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

New member to the OLRE portal can login to the portal with its username and password obtained at the time of registration. Now at this stage, it is mandatory for an employer to register the DSC i.e. digital signature.

Here are the steps mentioned below to register  DSC in this document.

  1. From the EPFO official Website open employer registration home page.
  2. Now login with your username and password obtained at the time of registration.
  3. You will find the option “DIGITAL CERTIFICATE “on the dashboard at the top of the page next to “Home” tab.
  4. Press the option “ REGISTER CERTIFICATE.”
  5. The System will prompt for Employer details such as “Employer name” and “Mobile number.”
  6. The name and mobile number of the employee will be auto-populated through employers’ registration data. An employer can edit the name here in case if it is different, but an employer cannot change or edit the mobile number here.
  7. The employer has to select the type of the Digital Certificate i.e. employer can either choose “Sign with “PFX” or “Sign with your USB token,” as per the available DSC with him/her.
  8. Once an employer selects the “Sign with your USB token,” a new pop-up window to RUN the smart card applet program will be displayed. Click on “RUN” button on this window.
  9. You can now find the button stating “Select your USB TOKEN Certificate.” Click on it to get DSC details pop up. Make sure you have properly inserted your DSC USB Token in the USB.
  10. Now choose this certificate from a pop-up window.
  11. Here, the employer has to enter the PIN details of the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and press “OK” button.
  12. The message, through new pop-up, will be displayed stating “Certificate selected successfully” just click “OK” on this pop-up.
  13. The View Digital Signature Screen appears, with the details of UAN Activation DSC registered with a Successfully Registered message.
  14. The page with heading “View Digital Signature “will appear, along with the details of active DSC registered. This will also display “You have successfully registered Digital Signature Certificate.”
  15. Now by selecting “Apply for Code” and further selecting “Fill Application Form Option” from dropdown list employer is ready to go ahead.

The applicant Employer who has put his PIN and DSD  will be responsible for the correctness of the application form as well as for any authentication of documents.

Services/ Benefits  through unified employer portal:

After successful registration employer can access the services of the unified employer portal and enjoy its benefits. These services are listed below.

  1. Generating UAN of the new employee:  It is under the responsibility of the employer to generate UAN of a new or fresh employee. An employer can generate the UAN for such employees who have not contributed for EPF till date through EPFO unified portal of employer/UAN employer portal /OLRE portal.
  2. Registration of new or fresh employee:  Initially employer has to send the hardcopies of the form and documents to FPFO for the registration of new or fresh employee. But now an employer can do this process of registration through UAN employer portal. An employer can feed the details of the employee in the portal, and if the employee has UAN, then employer need to provide the UAN of the employee. The online registration will prompt many details through UAN automatically.
  3. To link the new employee to the existing UAN: Through UAN employer portal employer can link the new PF account of the employee with his/her existing UAN.
  4. Uploading the KYC details of the employees: It is mandatory as per EPFO to provide KYC of the new employee. And it is under the responsibility of an employer to upload the KYC of its employees. It is mandatory for an employer to upload the PAN, Aadhar Card No., and bank account details of the employee at the time of registration of new employee. Through this UAN employer portal employer can do this in bulk as well.
  5. KYC verification of the employee: Employer has to approve the KYC documents, in the case where the employee has uploaded/ updated the scan copies his/her KYC documents through UAN member portal directly. This verification can also be done through this UAN employer portal.
  6. Give Approval of EPF withdrawal: EPF member needs employer’s approval in case of EPF withdrawals. An employer can approve the same through UAN employer portal.

UAN Helpdesk Service for the employer:

An employer can anytime call on toll-free number 18001-18005 to get any assistance or help from the EPFO. Separate online helpdesk for the employers allows the employer to drop their queries. EPFO has also introduced the EPF technical Sudha centers, to assist employers in technicalities of UAN employer portal.