EPFO Login – UAN login – epfo employer login – epfo member portal

EPFO Login – UAN login – epfo employer login – member online login:

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EPFO Login - EPF UAN login - EPF Member login

EPFO Login – EPF UAN login – EPF Member login

EPFO Login – EPF UAN login – EPF Member login:

What is Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF)?

Provident Fund considered as social and economic security benefit to employees. It is a kind of compulsory saving by an employee for the duration of his employment. It is a fund one is saving for securing old age when he or she is not able to work or retired from the service. An employee who contributes to Provident Fund is also entitled to given an equal contribution from his or her employer. This Provident Fund named as “Employees’ Provident Fund.”

What is EPFO? How does it work?

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization known as EPFO, is a statutory body which is formed by the Employees’ Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.

The Act and Schemes related to this Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 are common all over India except Jammu and Kashmir. They are administrated and regulated by tri-partite Board known as the Center Board Of Trustees, Employees’ Provident Fund, consisting of Central as well as State Government employer and employees representatives.

EPFO Login – EPF Member login:

This Board regulates and administers the contributory provident fund, pension schemes, and insurance schemes for the employees working in the different organized sectors in India. The FPFO is the nodal agency for executing Bilateral Social Security Agreements with other countries on an equal basis. The schemes cover both the Indian workers as well as the International Workers.

Among all the social security sector organizations, the Employee Provident Fund Organization is the biggest one with a portfolio of a huge number of workers who covered under insurance scheme, pension scheme, and provident fund. The large volumes of funds transacted daily through this Employee Provident Fund Organization on a regular basis.

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization known as EPFO, with 122 offices located across the India, assists this board. The EPFO is regulated and controlled by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. This organization conducts and organizes periodic seminars and training sessions for officers and employees of EPFO and representatives of employers and employees.

epfo employer login – EPF Member login:

The EPFO makes sincere efforts to provide better services related to all the available services and application forms for employees as well as pensioners. To avail this service, you can locate your nearest EPFO office you can click on the link mentioned below to find your nearest EPFO office. Many users also check as epf login Bangalore to epf member login Malaysia for their information


On 1 October 2014, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi introduced Universal Account Number for Employees enclosed by EPFO to enable PF number portability. UAN number will be allotted by EPFO to new Members after the declaration of new membership by the Employer for all the PF contributors during 01/01/2014 to 30/06/2016.

Formation of  EPFO

The Central Board of Trustees is the apex conclusion-making body, of the EPFO. The Central Board of Trustees administers the EPFO 1952 Act. This Central Board of Trustees is a regulatory agency who comprised of one chairman, one vice chairman, five representatives from Central Government, 15 representatives from the State Government, ten representatives from employees’,  ten representatives from employers’ along with Central Provident Fund Commissioner and the Member Secretary of the Boards.

Administratively, the EPFO divided into zones, and these zones headed by an Additional Central Provident Fund Commissioner. There are about 10 Zones across the India at present. Looking further below each state has one or more Regional Offices which headed by the grade-1 Regional Provident Fund Commissioners. The regional offices further subdivided into Sub-Regions, and they led by Grade-2 Regional Provident Fund Commissioners.

Assistant Provident Fund Commissioners assists both the Grade-1 and Grade-2 Regional Provident Fund Commissioners. There are many district level offices in many districts of India which are headed by the Enforcement Officer. This officer is stationed to look over and examine the local organizations and attend to grace with your presence to the grievance.

EPF UAN login – EPF Member login:

The Central Board under Section 5D appoints the officials of the organization in the Cadre of Commissioners for well-organized administration of the Act and Schemes. The Commissioners of the Organization empowered with vast powers under the law presenting quasi-judicial authority to access the monetary liability of the employer, to seize and search the records, to charge damages, etc. The commissioner also authorized for the auction of the property of defaulter’s.

EPFO for the Organization or Employer:

Every organization or employer with 20 or more employee is supposed to participate in EPF scheme. The establishment has to enroll its employee for the plan of EPF. The employer/organization/establishment has some duties regarding EPF scheme. They are as follows.

  • The employer is required to register/enroll his employees into the EPF scheme.
  • The employer has to deduct the contribution from the employee’s Provident Fund from the salary of an employee.
  • The employer is also liable to contribute towards the Provident Fund account of every employee.
  • The Employer has to file monthly return of the contribution towards EPF
  • The Employer has to maintain and submit the KYC details of his/her employees
  • The employer must provide facilities related to EPF services to its employee.
  • The employer is liable to bear administration charges related to EPF.

EPFO for Employee or Members:

EPF scheme is managed and regulated by the EPFO.  EPFO registers and enrolls each and every employee and assigns Universal account number (UAN) to the members. The EPFO allows a member to have direct access to his/her EPF account. Besides, it gives better returns to its member on their savings. The rate of return is better than the returns on fixed deposits and PPE as well.

What is UAN? – epf member balance

UAN stands for Universal Account Number. EPFO generates a Universal Account Number for all the Provident Fund Account Number. This UAN is likely to work as the master key for the multiple Member Ids assigned to the same individual.

The main purpose is to gather all Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) assigned to a single individual under one Universal Account Number. Member can easily find the information of multiple ids linked to UAN. Once this UAN allotted to a member, he /she can provide the same number to a new employer.

The prime motto of this UAN is to collect KYC information of its members to eradicate the dependency on the employer and get a better quality of service for epfo login. To eliminate the redundancy the KYC details are linked to UAN rather than linking it to member ID.

Services Offered by EPFO:

EPFO provides many valuable services to its members. Through these services, members can easily access the online service to check his/her EPF account balance, update KYC, transfer the PF amount from one to another account and check the status of his/her withdrawal claim.

Major services offered by EPFO are listed below.

  • Universal Account Number – UAN

Universal account number (UAN) is a unique number assign to each and every EPF member by EPFO.  This UAN number helps EPFO to keep a record of every employee. It allows its member to transfer the EPF balance from various EPF account at a single place or under one universal account. This UAN number does not look different with the change of employment.  EPFO allows the member to activate and register his/her UAN and enjoy the online services as UAN is mandatory to access many of the EPSO related services.

  • EPF Balance Check – pf balance check with uan number

Member can easily and quickly check his/her EPF account balance through EPFO portal. Member can access his /her account online through EPFO or the UAN portal login. EPFO allows the member to download the EPF passbook. Besides, once a member has activated the UAN registration member gets SMS of monthly EPF balance. Member can get the details of the EPF balance simply by giving a missed call as well.

  • Transfer EPS balance – EPF member balance

An employee gets a new EPF account with the change of job.  EPFO provide service to transfer PF balance from one account to another through UAN. Member can provide this UAN in a case of change of employment. Besides, it is necessary to transfer previous EPF balance to the new account. Earlier, the employee has to go through the tough process of EPF transfer by visiting EPF office physically by sometimes.

  • EPF Withdrawal

Member can withdraw the whole EPF amount at the date of retirement. However, a member can make partial withdrawal subject to certain limits in case of purchase of new house, renovation of the house, a marriage of family member, significant illness, higher education, etc. by producing valid documents. Besides, if the member is jobless for more than two months EPFO allows a member to withdraw whole EPF corpus. To withdraw EPF amount Universal EPF withdrawal form is available.

  • Check The PF Status of The Claim – pf balance check with uan number

EPF claim means the application for EPF withdrawal or transfer. The status of the claim can quickly check through claim check service by EPFO. There is a separate page related to tracking your claim. Member can go to the official site of EPFO or can use direct link http://epfindia.gov.in/site_en/KYCS.php to check the status of a claim. UAN is mandatory for a member to check the status of a claim online through EPFO.

  • Attends to Grievances

EPF member can lodge a complaint through the online platform provided by EPFO. If a member has any complaint related to his/her EPF account, transfer or withdrawal member will provide appropriate assistance through EPFO.  To lodge the complaint member must have the UAN, as it is mandatory to file a grievance. Member can go to the official site through the grievance portal of EPFO epfigms.gov.in

To get the benefits of these services member must have access to EPSO portal. To access the EPFO member has to epf portal login. At this moment let’s understand how a member can epfo login to EPFO portal.

How to Register / for EPFO Portal login online?

One can visit nearest EPFO office to register for EPF registration or can choose online registration through EPFO official portal. It is very straightforward and easy process to register online. This will save your time as you can do this hassle free online registration only using internet service.

To register follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to the official site of EPFO through this link https://members.epfoservices.in/
  2. On the right side of the page, you will find the epf portal login. As you are not registered yet, you have first to register here.
  3. Choose your document from drop-down list
  4. Enter the document number for epfo login.
  5. Enter your valid mobile number.
  6. And click on the option “click here to register.”
  7. Now new page will open with the head Compulsory fields.
  8. Enter your mobile number same which you came earlier.
  9. Select your date of birth as per mentioned in the document chosen by you earlier.
  10. Choose the document from the drop-down list.
  11. Enter the document number same as mentioned in the document you selected.
  12. Enter your name as mentioned in the document for epfo login.
  13. Provide your e-mail address.
  14. On the left side, you can see the box with some numeric or alphabetic characters (captcha) type the same in the box on the right side.
  15. Now click on the button “GET PIN” to get Authorization PIN on your mobile number.
  16. You will get the Authorization PIN through SMS on your mobile.
  17. Select the box”I Agree” by clicking on it.
  18. Enter this Authorization PIN in the box.
  19. Now click on the submit button.
  20. You will get the acknowledgment of your registration through the mail and we can pf balance check with uan number.
  21. Open the mail, and you will get access to log in the EPFO portal.

Benefits through the EPFO portal:

Once you get online access to EPFO portal, you can enjoy its services by sitting at home. The services or benefits are as follow.

  • You can download your E-Passbook.
  • You can get SMS when your E-Passbook is available
  • You can view all your accounts at a single place
  • You can anytime update or update your profile i.e. edit mobile number and other detail.


  • One mobile number cannot use for multiple registrations.
  • If you have more than one accounts under one establishment, you need to apply for transfer through Form-13.
  • You can view maximum ten accounts under different establishment for any number of times.